DNA meaning.
May 4, 2018
Hi - I got my DNA results. I have connected with a lot of cousins on my mother's line. However, there is only 2 people on my father's line that have had their DNA done and it is a 0 match. My results are: 61% SouthEast Europe - 36% British Isles - 2% Scandinavian and 2% Central Asia My father is 7th generation Canadian descended from British, Scottish and Irish ancestors. My mother is 5th Generation British and Scottish. A friend thinks my father I thought was my father all my life may not be due to the fact I have many matches of people from Greece (or living in the USA) combined with the fact my DNA is 61% SouthEast European which is really high. My mother passed on 2 years ago and 2 days ago I found a photo of a Greek guy - the photo was taken years ago right around the time I was conceived. Does anyone know anything about percentages and matches. Thanks! Heather Wilson Hess